The Richmond Arenas Community Association (RACA) was constituted in 1991 and began to fulfill its role of “jointly operating” City of Richmond arena facilities on January 1, 1992. Formation of RACA was initiated by the City 1990-91 in an effort to bring to arena operations, the same commitment to community and stakeholder involvement as other city-supported recreation facilities. The model in place is very much the same as the historic arrangements at the City’s eight community centres.

The theory of: “When people who have an interest in, or are influenced by decision making of an organization, get to participate directly in the process, better decisions are made…” is the driving ideal behind RACA. RACA is a not-for-profit society with members being the regular users of the facilities most notably the community sport organizations which use rinks for their activities and events. RACA’s Board of Directors is made up of representatives of all of the users.

The Society Purposes drive the activities of RACA. They are as they have been since inception:

  1. To maintain and foster an ongoing relationship between the members, Associate members, Honourary members (all as defined in the Bylaws), and representatives of the City of Richmond concerning the use and operation of the Richmond Arenas (as defined by the Bylaws);
  2. To assist in the promotion of adequate arena facilities for use by Richmond residents;
  3. To raise funds for the purpose of improving programs and facilities of the Richmond Arenas;
  4. To increase public awareness of and participation in programs at the Richmond Arenas and other arena facilities used by Richmond residents; and
  5. To oversee the organization and utilization of Richmond Arenas and any other arena facilities utilized by Richmond residents.

Adhering to these purposes since 1991, RACA has guided arena operations in Richmond from the time of two rinks at Minoru Park through the two stage development of six rinks at the Richmond ice Centre in the mid 1990s and the rental of ice time from the City owned, Richmond Olympic Oval.

RACA Constitution (Updated 2015)