A variety of Learn to Skate programs are available during the fall, winter and spring seasons at Richmond Arenas. These programs are divided into age and skill level and are designed to introduce participants to the fundamentals of skating.

Please click the PDFs link below for our Learn to Skate Welcome Letter for important program information and our Learn to Skate levels.

Arenas- Welcome Letter
Arenas- Learn to Skate Levels


Ice skating lessons are available for preschoolers, school age children and adults, and rollerblading lessons for all ages.

Rollerblading lessons are offered at the Richmond Ice Centre during the spring and summer seasons only.

Preschool: 4-5 years
School Age: 6-16 years
Adults: 17+ years

Skate Lesson Program

The Richmond Arenas Skate Lesson program is designed in conjunction with the Premier Sports Award Program and is intended to provide a fun and safe introduction to ice skating.

Participants are evaluated on the skills at each individual level and may progress to the next level when all skills taught are performed successfully. Each level helps build confidence while introducing the skills of recreational skating. Participants must attend a minimum of seven (7) lessons to receive an evaluation.

It is recommended that all participants wear helmets, long pants and gloves.

For more information, call the Richmond Ice Centre at 604-448-5366 or Minoru Arenas at 604-238-8465.

Other Programs

Specialized Programs
Richmond Arenas offers other specialized programs for children including Ice Time Fun and Hockey Fun Time.

Ice Time Fun
This program is designed to introduce preschoolers to the ice in a non-structured and fun atmosphere. Skates and helmets are mandatory and parents/ guardians are encouraged to participate in this program.

Hockey Fun Time
This program is an introduction to hockey in a fun and safe environment. To prevent injuries, a CSA approved hockey helmet with a cage, neck guard and hockey gloves are mandatory for participation in this program. Sticks are provided. Participants must be able to skate forward and stop in one direction.

Riverport Experience – Summer Daycamps at Richmond Ice Centre
Richmond Ice Centre offers daycamps through the month of July for children ages 6 – 12 years.

Minoru Sports Experience- Summer Daycamps at Minoru Arenas
Minoru Arenas offers two week long daycamps during the month of August for children ages 6 – 12 years.