Richmond Arenas offers a variety of public skate sessions for everyone to enjoy. These sessions are offered at scheduled times at Minoru Arenas and the Richmond Ice Centre.

Helmet Policy

Richmond Arenas strongly recommends wearing a CSA approved hockey helmet to prevent injuries during public skating sessions and for all programs at the Richmond Arenas. Helmets are available for use during sessions at no extra charge.

Helmets are approved for each sporting activity to best protect you during a specific activity, for example, hockey, cycling and boarding.

A sport specific helmet cannot prevent all head injuries in all sports. In addition, helmets have a certification from CSA that lasts for only a certain time period so to ensure you are protecting yourself by wearing an activity specific helmet check that the CSA certification is current. For all skating and ice- related sports it is strongly recommended that you wear a hockey helmet.

For your safety and enjoyment:

  • Always skate under control
  • Watch out for others
  • Skates must be worn at all time on the ice surface
  • Refrain from carrying children while on the ice
  • Skate in designated areas
  • Remove yourself from the ice surface and use the benches or bleachers if you
  • Need to sit down or rest
  • Keep food and beverages in the lobby area
  • Obey all instructions from staff
  • Avoid using iPods or MP3 players on ice
  • Have fun!

Richmond Arenas offers Children’s Drop-in Hockey and Adult and Child Stick & Puck.

Children’s Drop-In Hockey:
To prevent injuries, wearing full hockey equipment, including a CSA approved hockey helmet with cage is mandatory for participants in this program. The ice time is supervised.

Adult and Child Stick & Puck – 12 years and under:
At the time of check-in, ID must be shown. You will receive an arm band, which you are required to be wear and have visible at all times.

Advanced Booking: Advanced bookings can be made through pre-payment in person up to one week in advance.

Phone-in Bookings: Clients who have purchased a scan card can register over the phone up to one week in advance with their scan card.

Available Spaces: For Adult and Child Stick & Puck , 20 skaters are permitted on the ice at one time. If space permits a second ice surface will be opened for additional participants.

There are no transfers or refunds for any child recreational hockey programs.

It is mandatory for participants in this program who are under 18 years of age to wear full hockey equipment including a Canadian Safety Authority (CSA) approved hockey helmet with cage. For those 19 years and over, it is strongly recommended that participants wear a CSA approved hockey helmet.

Helmets are approved for each sporting activity to best protect you during specific skating and ice related activities. Sport specific helmets cannot prevent all head injuries in all sports. Helmets have a certification from CSA that lasts for only a certain time period.  Ensure you are protecting yourself by checking that your helmet’s CSA certification is current.  For all skating and ice-related sports, it is strongly recommended that you wear a hockey helmet